Tesoro Mio, Google, Youtube and IMSLP

Un esempio del potere del internet. It happened like this…

Pina called up from work and said she’d heard a piece on the radio which would work well arranged for flute. She didn’t know what it was called and, as it happens, she got the (unknown) composer’s name a bit wrong (she said “Cecucci”). Then she hummed a bit of it.

A few short years ago that would’ve been it. But not any more…

I googled the name and got nil return, so I youtubed it and got the same , but it did come up with a fellow called Becucci. So I listened to a few of the videod performances until I got one that sounded like the tune Pina hummed.

So then I went back and googled the composer and the title, now that I knew them. I was immediately whisked off to one of my favourite sites and one of the best on the planet…namely IMSLP. It actually stands for International Music Score Library Project. Less than a minute later I was downloading the score to my desktop and a couple of minutes after that I had a paper score sitting on my music stand and begging for a good seeing to.

The moral of the story is…there may be loads of total trash on the internet, but it definitely beats the other alternatives of either getting nowhere or at best trailing round libraries in the vain hope that, as Mr Micawber puts it  “something might tur up “.

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