Listen Here!

This is where you can sit back and relax while listening to a whole range of great music. To do so hover the mouse over the Listen Here tab above and just choose from the two categories which appear. Everything on this site has been lovingly and skilfully arranged, then beautifully played and expertly recorded – all by FlutePlay.

If you like what you hear and you’d like a copy for yourself or your group, then just nip over to the Catalogue page.

For those who are curious as to the procedures involved, briefly it works like this:-

After consulting scores and recordings in varying proportion, depending on the type of piece, arrangements are made in Finale.

If the music is for publication a foreword is written with some background to the composer and piece. Performance suggestions are sometimes included, such as for group layout, alternative fingerings and so on.

Finally a decent front cover picture and font need to be chosen.

If the piece is to be be recorded, then further arranging may be necessary for additional instruments, again depending on the piece and reason for the recording. Guitar, bass guitar, strings, harp, organ, drums and more are often enlisted.

MIDI instruments, including drums, can be recorded fairly simply, but all “live” instruments, such as flutes, guitars and bass guitar have to be individually practised before recording. Even so, they often require several “takes”.

Sonar is the program for this, though most audio tweaks to rhythm and pitch are made in Melodyne before being imported back to Sonar for final tweaks and mixdown, from which WAV and MP3 files are produced.

Finally WAV and MP3 mixdowns are made for CD and internet uploading.