June Emerson

In September 2015 I made the PDF versions of nearly all the music in my Catalogue free to those who cared to download them.  This was an instructive experiment, certainly as regards finding out if anyone would make a voluntary donation to compensate me for my efforts in producing the music. It coincided with my decision to stop printing and distributing hard copies of the scores. However, this free PDF facility is now withdrawn as there has been a development.

I am pleased now to be collaborating with June Emerson Wind Music, who have taken over the printing and distribution of FlutePlay scores. This naturally gives me more freedom to be involved in the more musical side of the business, which is where my interests lie, while one of the largest, and certainly most respected, specialist music retailers manages the dissemination side.

So, FlutePlay’s music is no longer available in paper format from this website. If you would like to buy any scores from the FlutePlay catalogue please visit the June Emerson Wind Music Website, where all the FlutePlay music is available in paper versions.

As before, you are most welcome to discover more about any title in the FlutePlay Catalogue by clicking on the relevant Catalogue submenu, whereupon you will be taken to its own detailed page. There you can listen to the whole piece on the audio player and a look at the score extracts.

The only exception is the JazzRock Sonata, as this is made available by special arrangement with the composer and has a bundled practice/performance CD. If’ you’d like to buy this, then it’s necessary to click on the “Add to Cart” button which opens up the PayPal purchase page in a new window. Once a transaction is made you are returned to the Catalogue page, FlutePlay receives funds as well as an email detailing what you’ve bought and sends the sheet music with CD by post to the address you supplied to PayPal.


As most people now know, to use PayPal you do not need to have an account with them. This is the preferred method of eBay and millions of other online businesses. Furthermore, FlutePlay is PayPal verified and you can deal in complete confidence.

Many thanks for your continued support.
Peter Lynch