Free Music? This can’t be right!

Yes, it is. Just to explain….

PDF iconFlutePlay has been selling paper versions of its sheet music for years. More recently, the same music has been available as PDFs. It’s very easy, once a piece is finished and using today’s scoring software, to convert it to a PDF. Naturally, since PDFs operate in the digital domain, there is no paper and no postage – and therefore very little cost involved.

The next stage was FlutePlay’s recent decision to dispense entirely with paper versions of its music. Production and time costs apart, Peter Lynch’s committments as a music examiner involve extended periods away from home, which means that it is often not feasible always to respond to orders for paper music punctually.

Regarding PDFs, one solution would have been to charge the same very low prices as has been the case for the last few years. Amore attractive solution would be to make life simpler all round and simply allow free downloads, whilst also providing the option for, one hopes, a fair percentage of people who would like the opportunity to reward someone for his work, to make a relatively small donation. Those who produce software utilities and plugins, in particular, operate this way, but there are many whose activities are internet based who do this.

pdf free download button2So this is the way FluetPlay has chosen to go. This method also has the benefit of being automated, meaning that once the system has been set up, it needs no further intervention to function and no-one has to be at home at the time.

Since the music is free there is no problem with anyone printing out scores and parts for personal use.

Let’s see if this benefits everyone involved!

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