June Emerson Collaboration

As explained in the new June Emerson Page (see the above tab). I’ve now stopped the free download of PDFs of my scores. Running the business side of the website was taking up too much time, as these days I am either too busy with music examining for Trinity College London or composing when I am not doing that. This meant that I hadn’t the time to produce paper versions of the scores and even dealing with email PDF orders was becoming a problem when I was working away from home.

The only solution I could see was the less than ideal one (for me) of giving the music away! However, June Emerson Wind Music and I have come to an arrangement whereby they will take care of printing and distributing FlutePlay music, and that leaves me free to get on with my various musical pursuits.

JECalypso 650x250

The system will include direct links from each piece’s individual page on the FlutePlay site to the corresponding page on the June Emerson site. This will make it easy for anyone who would like to order any FlutePlay music. I will update this post as the process unfolds.

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