Debussy’s Passepied for Flute & Piano


debussy_passepied 630x230After a little gap FlutePlay is pleased to present a new recording, Passepied. The arangement for flute and piano was made years ago and has been patiently waiting for a performance to be made available.

There are four movements in Debussy’s Suite Bergamasque and the finale is the Passepied. This has the character of a Toccata, thanks to the almost continuous detached quavers in the bass. It moves along at a good rate with the flute part either bringing out the tune or defining the harmony with runs up and down arpeggio figures, especially later on as the music becomes more intense.

For anyone interested in the technical aspects, the piano was recorded first using Sonar X1 and the Synthogy Ivory PlugIn. Then the flute was played to the piano, monitored though headphones. There are always challenges with rubato in Digital Audio Workstations due to the need to have a MIDI tempo map. There are various ways of dealing with this and the way it was solved here was to have one-beat bars throughout; this made it relatively simple to alter timings since bar-to-bar changes now became beat-to-beat and thus more gradual and natural.

Another FlutePlay innovation in working was to use Celemony’s Melodyne Editor as a PlugIn within Sonar X1 rather than the usual practice of using the StandAlone version of Melodyne. This may be the way to go; we’ll see.

Convolution Reverb was added before the final mix, since a bit less is used on the piano than on the flute, and then a little compression and gain using Sonar’s ProChannel.

Thanks for reading and I hope you think it works well.

Please click here to go to the Suite Bergamasque page and have a listen.

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