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June Emerson Collaboration

June Emerson Collaboration

For a while you could have all the free FlutePlay scores you wanted. Things are changing!…

Free Music? This can't be right!

Free Music? This can’t be right!

There must be some mistake. Who deliberately gives away free sheet music?

Debussy's Passepied for Flute & Piano

Debussy’s Passepied for Flute & Piano

A new recording of the Passepied from the Suite Bergamasque

Making the "Black and White Rag" Video

Making the “Black and White Rag” Video

It’s easy – and cheap – to make a video. “Black and White Rag” video was done like this…

Tesoro Mio, Google, Youtube and IMSLP

Tesoro Mio, Google, Youtube and IMSLP

The Power of the Internet. Ten minutes is all it took.

It's a numbers game - Play to Win!

It’s a numbers game – Play to Win!

How do we make the most of the available marks in a music exam? Can we “play” the system?

"Legal" and "Illegal" Marks

“Legal” and “Illegal” Marks

There are certain marks which examiners are not allowed to award. This applies at the bottom, top and even in the middle!