Catalogue Overview

Hover on the “Catalogue” tab above to rummage around all the sheet music that FlutePlay has to offer.

Peter Lynch and Atarah Ben-Tovim…with shirts!

When the various categories appear, clicking on any one takes you to the list of available music in that category. From there you can find out about an individual piece by going to the “click here” link in the “more info” column. If you prefer, you can go directly to any individual piece by clicking on its title as it appears in the sub-menu while you are hovering on the category.

Once you are on a piece’s dedicated page you can examine the score extracts and listen to stunning performances by clicking on the audio button. In this way you can get a really good idea of what each piece is like.

All FlutePlay scores are available as printed sheet music from June Emerson Wind Music. Digital versions, as PDFs are unavailable until further notice.

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