About fp

FlutePlay is run by Peter Lynch. He graduated in flute, piano and composition from the Royal College of Music. He also has an Open University degree, a Masters in Music Performance from York University and is a member of Mensa.

After working as a performer and teacher in Germany for a few years he returned to England. As well as composing, arranging, performing, recording and producing all kinds of flute music he teaches, examines for Trinity and runs another website PeterLynch.info. He is also a contributor to the New Grove Dictionary and has written for Flute (formerly Pan).

Peter composing in Hong KongSome years ago, after having had music published by Schott, Lengnick and PEM, he decided to go down the do-it-yourself route. So, he formed Chapel Digital, which was soon supplying individuals, ensembles, schools and music shops. He also published under the name music-for-flute.com. Since then, however, the world and its technology have moved on and it morpehed into FlutePlay, using the WordPress platform.

Whatever the name, the two goals have always remained the same, namely:-

  • to make a diverse rane of interesting and enjoyable flute music
  • to make it readily available at a fair price

A substantial part of FlutePlay’s PDF score publishing lies in catering for flute choirs, an area not well represented by mainstream publishers. These groups typically call for an alto and/or bass flute. However, since not all flute groups and choirs are so well furnished, concert flute versions of alto flute parts and clarinet transpositions of bass flute parts are also included as standard. Additionally, there are bass clef versions of all bass flute parts. This opens up a raft of other possibilities: bassoon, cello, double bass, even tuba or bass guitar.

FlutePlay also publishes pieces for flute and piano, two flutes and piano, flute duet and other combinations.

Scores are produced with Finale to the highest musical and presentational standards. You are encouraged to have a look at score extracts. FlutePlay also produces top quality recordings of its pieces, from musical, technical and production standpoints. They give an excellent idea of how the music might sound. The Catalogue sub-menus are the place to go for all this.

Jimmy GalwayMore recently FlutePlay has become involved in video production and several enjoyable and educational videos of performances can be heard on FlutePlay’s YouTube Channel.

As of 2016 FlutePlay is delighted to be working with June Emerson Wind Music, the leading, world-wide distributor. All orders for FlutePlay’s score are now made through JEWM.

Sir James Galway peruses Flute of the Bumble Bee! at the FlutePlay
stand first their first “day out” in 1993, at the Royal College of Music.

Maybe he wants to see if it’s as fast as the one he plays!